Player History

Amphy2k, or just Amphy, is a Canadian player who has been playing since June 24th, 2021. From the beginning they have been interested in the more technical side of the game, keeping track of data and trying to create tools to help the community gather insight on the game. Currently they are a member of the Cubieverse Wiki team working to improve the data available as well as cleaning up Wiki pages.


When Amphy begun, they were rather skeptical of the games claims, playing casually and questioning everything. After around a month of playing they grew to trust the game and loved it. Though shortly after that there was an incident with Testflight that caused them to be kicked from playing the game. This caused a great deal of stress and anger that eventually lead to a justified ban from the CHW Discord.

Even with the issues from Testflight and a ban from the heart of the community, they still had an interest in the game. Eventually managing to get back into Testflight just in time for the 2021 Thanksgiving Event. Playing alone for the remainder of 2021 and early 2022.

On February 14th, 2022, with the help of Anakura, they managed to get permission to rejoin the CHW Discord, with the promise of never speaking. Also receiving the newly created Muted Role. They used this reintroduction to the Discord to get back in touch with the games many events and updates.


After rejoining, they just watched the community from the side, still keeping tabs of data and community events and conversing with some of the more well known names in the community behind the scenes.

Eventually they decided to emerge from the background and joined many of the community Discords. Soon discovering the data from the Wiki and using that to construct their own tools to better understand the deep technical details of the game, specifically the Auction House.

They released their World of Tools on August 22nd, 2022. Allowing all users to try out the large array of helpful tools they have developed all this time. Constantly updating it with more features and up-to-date information for some time.

Events of 2022

Cubie Air

Amphy decided instead of just playing an event passively as they have with all previous events, to instead go hard for the Cubie Air Event. Having the ambitious goal to complete the event. They went out everyday and walking for at least 4 hours daily downtown, opening over 600 Vaults during the week. The intense grind resulting in a late finish of the event, just barely getting enough Golden Thread to print Cubie Air George and complete the event in the final few hours. Finishing the event took such a great toll physically and mentally that Amphy swore to never complete another event again.


For Halloween Event 2022 they had a different goal. Thinking that this was the final chance to get their hands on the 3 old Halloween Cubie BPs, they set out to try and collect them all. During the early part of the event they met up with Fullofdumplins, managing to spawn a Common Cauldron and getting both Common BP’s on Day 1. The following days were a series of unfortunate luck. They travelled via local transit over 4 hours daily hunting for Rare and Epic Cauldrons to get the rest. Opening 3 Epic Cauldrons, one of which they spawned, and yet not getting the BP they desired. During the 2nd last day of the Event they met up with 7 other local hunters and went to Leduc. Managing to get lucky with a Rare Cauldron the group spawned and getting the last Rare needed for their goal. The final day didn’t result in much until an Epic spawned on the other end of town. With the amazing help of Gooz they got to it and finally the stars aligned to get the Skeleton Cubie BP, completing their goal of getting 5 of the 6 BP’s available that event. Only missing the Ghost Cubie Blueprint by only Cubie Air Laura.


Christmas Event 2022 was far smaller in scope than the last 2 events. Due to the intense weather and lack of reliable transport, they didn’t do much for the event. Not plating a single Christmas Tree and only opening a few they were lucky enough to grab with some small help. Though they couldn’t do much they still got lucky and managed to obtain the Santa Cubie BP and Rudolph Cubie BP which they were missing. Sadly having no luck getting the newly released Ugly Sweater Cubie Blueprint, and didn’t even get a chance at getting the Nutcracker Cubie BP.

Late 2022 to Early 2023

After Halloween Event 2022 and the release of the Adventure Road, they decided to take a break from the game and it’s media. Stepping back from the game to try and focus on their own health and wellness.

On November 4th, 2022, Amphy broke the terms of their muted role on the CHW Discord and posted some genuine feedback and ideas for the devs regarding the newly added Adventure Road. This breaking of the terms of their rejoining and leading to a ban shortly after. A screenshot of their final message can be seen on their Twitter/X Here.

On February 12th, 2023, Amphy quietly declared their World of Tools project abandoned. Removing all links to it and no longer updating it. This due to the lack of use as well as receiving community feedback that it was not seen favourably.

Events of 2023


Having to work around taking classes, Amphy set their goal for the event smaller than last years. Only seeking to get 3 things. The Green Ooze Cubie BP, the Scarecrow Cubie BP, and at least 1 Moonstone. The first big push was on Wednesday when after classes they risked being stuck out late and went all around town, managing to get the Green Ooze Cubie BP. When at the mall they ended up being the first in the city to spawn a Rare Cauldron. Eventually meeting up with Gooz where they together went all around the west-end opening a bunch of other Cauldrons, one of which containing their second goal, the Scarecrow Cubie BP. On Saturday when Epic Cauldrons were finally available, they went downtown to meet up with Fullofdumplins and Gooz. Hunting all around downtown, spawning and opening many Cauldrons. After sometime Gooz, who was doing incredibly well during the event, managed to spawn an Epic Cauldron. That leading to them finishing their walk and starting the drive all around town opening the many other Cauldrons in the city, totalling 3 Epics and many other Rares and Commons. By that time Amphy’s 3 goals were complete and they were finished.


Upon the announcement of the MST3K Event Amphy quickly came to claim that the event would feature the same Blue Vault mechanic that recent Guy Fawkes Day Event had. With this theory in mind they made extensive routing plans downtown where they would walk to open the most Projectors as quickly and efficiently as possible. Leading up to the event, Amphy did take part in the Mac and Me watch-party hoping to win Dr Forrester Cubie. Though they didn’t win, they actually did enjoy watching the film with everyone else that did. On the start of the event, they did exactly that. Getting unlucky at first, the final stretch of the day ended up the most promising. On their 20th Projector they managed to get the Tom Servo Cubie BP. The next 2 days they worked around their schedule to open plenty more Projectors and collect lots of Electrical Wiring, ending up opening a total of 70 Projectors by the end of the event.

Freckled Zelda

Before the event, Amphy did a bunch of research on Freckled Zelda, making a large note of all the details they could find and sharing it on Discord for all to use to try and prepare for the new Trivia. Using the same strategy they did for the MST3K Event, Amphy went downtown to hunt. Getting lucky they got the Freckled Zelda Cubie Blueprint on their 3rd Magical Tree. The rest of the route leading to Amphy getting over 50% of the needed Resources to print on the first day. Being so successful with the first hunt and still being tired from the MST3K Event less than a week prior, they sat the second day out. Spending their 3rd day doing the same route as before and ending up with 600 Strawberries and 1400 Fairy Dust. Enough to print the Freckled Zelda Cubie and have some leftover for their collection.

Player Information


Cubieverse: Amphy2k

Discord: amphy2k

Twitter/X: BitphyCrypto

Cubiedex: Amphy2k


Account Level 21 Cubie Collected 156/221
Days Played 1,065 Resin Collected 91/98
Yellow Vault Opened 3 Cubie Blueprint Owned 46/99
Green Vault Opened 134 Auction House Won 261
Blue Vault Opened 6,022 Advanced Printshop Printed 92
White Vault Opened 6,307 Cubiedozer Built 8

Wanting to Buy

Special Thanks

  • Gooz x5
  • St9ABF x1
  • TheBrizzle x1
  • AlolanRaichu x17
  • Rayl x8


  • First person to get the Muted Role in the CHW Discord.
  • First person to add a fake Podium in their Wiki Page.
  • Completed the Cubie Air Event Quest Chain with 668 Vaults.


This section is currently a WIP.