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JjasonJ is a player and Wiki Contributor that is known for being a warm and kind presence on Discord and Twitter. You can always find him liking and commenting on tweets from other community members! JjasonJ started playing Cubieverse on June 20th 2021. His typical hunting grounds are the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, the boardwalk, and some hotspots in shopping centers between where he lives and the oceanfront. He has 8 of his 10 user vault set up on the Virginia Beach boardwalk, and there are other hunters that have several UVs down there as well. It's a nice little hotspot! This JjasonJ considers himself an active part time Hunter, and he wishes he had more free time to devote to Cubieverse!


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  • JjasonJ was the featured guest on the Blockchain Gaming Podcast with ITGUY on August 14, 2022 [1]

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