Vending Machine
Vending Machine
Vending Machine Image
Vending Machine Image
Tier Basic
Abbreviation VM
Structure Type Functional
Requirement White User Vault
Max per Player 1
Blueprint Base Cost ¹ 500 alt= Crystal KeyCrystal Key
Build Resources 6000 alt= Yellow PaintYellow Paint

6000 Red Paint

6000 Purple Paint

100000 Resin

Unique Stamps 2
Days to Build 10
Same Structure Radius 500m
Any Structure Radius 5m
ReleaseDate 2023-11-07
Tag Compatibility
Category Transportation
Tag Postal Services
Type Any
Association Any
Staffing Requirements
Cubie Rarity Any
Cubie Class Transporter
Cubie Element Any
Cubie Zodiac Any
Cubie Affinity Any

¹ Crystal Key base cost has to be multiplied by the Country Modifier.


  • Redeeming Loot Codes
  • Converting CubieCoins to Crystal Keys. The maximum amount of CubieCoins that can be converted every 7 days can be found by the equation (5000 CubieCoins x Country Modifier). For instance, in the USA (modifier 2.0) a player can convert exactly 10,000 cubiecoins per week into 1,000 crystal keys.


There are a limited number of blueprints for a Vending Machine dropped per country, currently this is 1000. For a player to buy a vending machine Structure Blueprint that player must have at his disposal, a White User Vault that is at level 10 and that Uservault must be on a Postal Services Tag. This structure Blue Print requires two stamps, and must be stamped at an Advanced Printshop