Cubie Attributes
Class Athlete · Builder · Dancer · Elemental · Healer · Mage · Tank · Transporter · Warrior · Worker
Element Air · Color · Digital · Earth · Fire · Forest · Gold · Grass · Ice · Moon · Ocean · Sand · Shadow · Silver · Steel · Sun · Water · Wind · Wood
Affinity Pizza · Sushi
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Water Element
Water Element

In the Cubieverse, a Cubie's Element represents the Cubie's connection to the real world. Cubies with specific Elements are required for various functions.

All Water Element Cubies

Cubie Blue Print Name Tier Recipe Released Event Will Return Notes
Water Cubie Rare

1000 Blue Paint500 Water Crystal1 Water Heart5000 Resin

2021-09-06 {{{Category}}} alt= Elemental Invasion EventElemental Invasion Event {{{MaximumBP}}} {{{FlavorText}}} No {{{FTPDate}}} [[{{{FTPPlayer}}}]] {{{FTPNotes}}}

 This Cubie Blueprint was exclusive to the 2021 Elemental Invasion Event and will not return. There are 1700 of this Blueprint in the game that were collected that year.
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Sushi Chef Cubie Rare

1000 Chopsticks500 Nigiri5000 Resin

2022-08-04 {{{Category}}} alt= Sushi QuestSushi Quest {{{MaximumBP}}} {{{FlavorText}}} Yes {{{FTPDate}}} [[{{{FTPPlayer}}}]] {{{FTPNotes}}}

 This Cubie Blueprint is expected to be available again during future Sushi Quests.
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N/A Resorts World Cubie Rare


2023-03-12 {{{Category}}} alt= Coin Hunt Fest 2023Coin Hunt Fest 2023 {{{MaximumBP}}} {{{FlavorText}}} No {{{FTPDate}}} [[{{{FTPPlayer}}}]] {{{FTPNotes}}}

 There is no Cubie Blueprint to print this cubie.
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