Yellowstone Art Museum
Location 401 N 27th St., Billings, Montana, USA
Type Cubiecrane
Website Yellowstone Art Museum
Progress 0
Free Parking Yes
Public Transportation Nearby Yes
Paywall No
Accessible from Vehicle Yes
Restricted Hours No

Cubieverse History

This Cubiecrane originally appeared in, and was filled, in the previous game Cubieverse before it was reset back to a Cubiecrane at the launch of The Cubieverse.

  • On March 17, 2022, TConn2411 and ConnMan2411 each deposited 10k Resin to bring the total to 80k resin.
  • On July 7 and 8, 2022, Racon made two trips to this Cubiecrane and deposited 350k Resin taking the total from 410k to 760k.
  • On July 24th, Vigsback finished filling the crane. We weren't told how much Resin he added, but it was 240k or less.
  • The First Question for everyone was: When did Yellowstone Art Museum open? Answer: 1964
  • Vigsback and Jabmedia were the first players to co-open the Yellowstone Art Museum yellow vault on July 28, 2022.