Zombie Cubie
Zombie Cubie Image
Zombie Cubie Image
Flavor Text Brains.....with some Dijon Mustard on the side please.
Class Worker
Element Shadow
Print Time 5 min
Blueprints 1529
Released 2022-10-25 Halloween Event

  • The Cubie Blueprint can be used unlimited times to create Zombie Cubies.
  • The blueprint was available as a random drop from a common cauldron during the Halloween Event 2022 and will come back in future Halloween events.

Zombie Cubie Blueprint & Animation

Zombie Cubie Blueprint
Zombie Cubie Animation

First printed Zombie Cubie

Player:MakikiTiki printed the first Zombie Cubie on 2022-10-25. This print happened 50 minutes after the event started.

Auction House Price History


Resource Market Price
500 alt= Chunks of FleshChunks of Flesh CubieCoin 5548
1000 alt= ResinResin CubieCoin 331
Cost to Print CubieCoin 5879